Thursday 14 April 2022


When it comes to anything Sensory- the girls absolutely love it. Half term fun has commenced and they have been loving the Doodlejamz, they are so cool!.

The Doodlejamz are sensory, mess free drawing pads filled with safe , non toxic gel and beads that can be drawn into or moulded on.

There are two different Doodlejamz boards ,one has the beads and the other has the two layered gel and are honestly addictive!.

They are so easy to use. Use the stylus provided or even your fingers to create your master piece by squishing and sculpting, then wipe and repeat.

They are so therapeutic and are perfect for quiet time , the girls have spent all afternoon swapping and changing their designs up.

What’s even better is you can change your designs with easy insert backgrounds.There are so many to choose from, you can also upload your own pictures too.

Head to to download or upload any of your own pictures and print them off to use and keep.

They are so light weight and great for taking on your travels. We’ve packed them up and taken them on holiday with us this week. Also perfect for car journeys.

They retail at £4.99, which I think is such a bargain and also great for pocket money spending.

You can pick them up at


  1. I haven't heard of these before but they look great for kids, and it's handy that they would be suitable for long car journeys too

  2. Oh wow, I've not seen these before. They do look like fun. My nephew would love one of those, the look like fun.

  3. I bought my son an ipad recently, I wish I know about the doodlejamz, they're an amazing alternative for kids...

  4. Oh my goodness, these are so cute, and they look like a ton of fun for kids! I might have to look into these for my nephew!

  5. These look super cute, I bet my children would love to play with Doodlejamz as they have always enjoyed sensory style toys and I love anything that is mess-free as well