Friday 6 May 2022


 The ability to work well as part of a team is a crucial skill that can serve a child well for the rest of their lives. It’s something that employers look favourably upon, but also something that is required for children to perform well in various academic and extracurricular endeavours.

 I have teamed up with a senior school in London to share some tips on how you can raise a team player. 

Teach Respect

If your child learns that they must respect others, despite their differences, they will be much better at working well within a team. So, teach your child to treat people the way they wish to be treated, praise them for their compassion and reprimand them if they behave unfavourably towards someone. 

Encourage Sporting Pursuits

Many sports are great for helping children learn teamworking skills, so this is something you could consider encouraging if your child is interested. When children are part of a football team, or another type of sport, they must learn how to support one another and how to share responsibilities by assessing different strengths and weaknesses.

Explore Community Involvement

Volunteering for a charity, or another type of community led project, is another great way to help your child learn how to support others. It also encourages them to develop a strong work ethic, which is an important element of team building. 

Encourage Resilience

Helping your child to become more resilient will allow them to be better at overcome problems, whether that’s independently or when working in a team. It will give them a better understanding of their own expectations, as well as their limits. What’s more, it will teach them to keep trying, even when the going gets tough. These are all important skills when it comes to working well within a group. 


  1. Completely agree, especially around being more resilient. Something we can often forget with kids.

    Rebecca | AAUBlog

  2. It is important to raise our kids to be team players and work well with others. Team sports can be a great way to do this.

  3. These are great suggestions on how to make your child understand what being a team player is. I like the volunteering for a charity idea a lot.

  4. I wish I had played more sports as a kid as I think this is a great way to learn to be a team player. Understanding how your actions impact others is a great way of learning x

  5. Some great tips here to raise a team player and as a parent myself I am always looking for ways to help my children be better