Sunday 8 May 2022


If you have followed us for a while then you will know the girls have so many hobbies and fun things they love to get upto over the weekend and we encourage all of them 100%.

Alessia is a real big gamer and has been for a while : Roblox , Minecraft, she absolutely loves them and is really good at playing too.

One of Alessia’s passions is writing. Writing and creating stories has been something she has done from as little as 5. Her imagination is incredible and the way she reads out a story to you is amazing.

She loves reading her stories and showing us what she’s done but having a little group that love what you do too, you really can’t beat it .

Out School is a really fun educational platform with over 140,000 online interactive classes for ages 3- 18 all over the world. They currently have over 1 million learners in 183 countries!.

Making learning fun is something I am such an advocate for and truly believe that children take more in when they are having fun.

Alessia has been doing the creative writing class on a Sunday afternoon and she absolutely loves it . It was really easy to sign up and so straight forward.

What I loved about the site is you can tick which interests your child has and it brings up some of the classes for you which is great if you have an idea of what you are looking for . You can also just scroll and search too.

We searched for writing , although they do have roblox and minecraft sessions which she said she definitely wants to do after her writing ones .

All the writing classes came up and she chose which one she wanted to join, which is just a click away. You then get an email and it also gets added into your schedules too.

Her class is a lovely little group with children all over the world which is amazing and such a lovely idea too. To make friends in different countries is such an experience.

Her teacher is so lovely and down to earth, She has such fun lessons and really enjoys them. Next weeks class lesson is thriller and action stories which has Alessia’s name written all over it :)

If you are looking for some fun activities and new hobbies for your kiddies then I’d definitely look into Out School .

Whether it’s writing , gaming , maths or even slime your children are into , Out School have got you covered for sure :) 

If you do want to give them a try , then I’ve got a code for you to save some pennies too. Go to  and use code UKSAVE20P which will give you $20 off which is such a great discount!.

Have fun..


  1. This sounds great and definitely something my daughter would have loved. I am also a strong believer that learning should be fun

  2. It's great that you have found such a great platform to help your daughter develop her passion for writing. An online writing camp sounds like a lot of fun, especially when there are real teachers on the other side of the screen.

  3. I would have loved something like this when I was in school as I was so keen to learn. And creative writing was and still is my passion. It's so good that she's into this x

  4. I am often looking for some activities for my kids to do over the weekend or term holidays when we have too much time at home. Out School sounds fun and I bet they would like this