Wednesday 4 May 2022


  Feeling deflated or low is normal for everybody and sometimes we get into a funk that we just can’t seem to shake off , I know it’s happened to us all.

I for one can definitely say low moods do happen and 9 times out of 10 I can shake them off and lift them just by doing some really easy and simple things.

5 Ways To Help Lift Your Mood

Get Ready - might seem odd, but I guarantee sitting in your pyjamas all day without having a wash is not going to raise them vibrations and get you feeling anything but meh!.

Get up, get ready for the day , put some make up on if that’s what you would normally do , and honestly , it’ll make you feel so much better .

Get Out - Getting out for a walk and some fresh air is something that I try and do most days. Get your body moving and release some of them good endorphins, especially now the sun is shining :)

Do Something You Enjoy - If I am ever in a bad mood or feeling low, some self love definitely helps. Whether it’s listening to my favourite podcast while I’m getting my steps in , or the longest afternoon bubble bath before the kiddies need picking up from school or even better,a kitchen disco with the little ones, my favourite!.

Take yourself on a date , for a coffee , to the cinema , keep YOU happy :)

Spring Clean - it’s actually been proven a lot of people start feeling low and down when there is a lot of chaos going on around them. I love putting the music on and giving the place a clean and whilst  I’m doing that ,my mood automatically lifts.

Cleaning when you feel miserable isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but a clear house definitely helps to have a clear mind. A nice sage stick to cleanse the house afterwards or some lush smelling wax melts too - perfect !.

Organise Your Head - Goes with the above. Feeling low and overwhelmed with things getting on top of you. It’s great to get organised. I often sit and think ,oh my god I’ve got so much work to do and then feel absolutely miserable and don’t know where to start.

Daily tasks and just a few is a great way to help before that happens, and I don’t know about you but ticking off a to do list at the end of the day gives me great joy!.

Do let me know what things you do to lift your mood and help your head get out of that funk …


  1. Great tips, for me getting out into nature and exercising always helps. And having a good tidy up too! Good to have some strategies to help when your mood is low.

  2. I hate cleaning. But once I have finished and the house is clean, it just makes me feel better. I also like to start the day with a nice cup of tea, sat in the garden, listening to the birds chirp

  3. Love all these practical tips. Thank you. Music is a huge mood enhancer for me. And I do have a few other things that help. Firstly, I try to keep my positive /negatives inputs in-check. There is so much 'bad news' on TV and other places - some psychologists recommend a ratio of 3 to 1 positives to negatives (others say 5 to 1). The other thing is to consider the stories we tell ourselves (and the stories others have told us) in relation to the mood. A different perspective can quickly change your mood.