Tuesday 5 July 2022


We’ve had two birthdays so far, with Alessia’s in a few weeks and with us, unless the girls tell me what they want I can get stuck, are you the same?. I’ve put together a little gift ideas post with a variety of presents that would make your little ones smile this birthday :)

Firstly, Nila LOVES board games, it’s always the first thing that goes on her list and Cheatwell games are the best for these. They have been our favourite for years and the birthday wishes game is a brilliant one for kids.

Blow out the candles and collect all the presents to win - we’ve actually played this everyday after school for the past 3 weeks since her birthday!.

Sweets!. Do I say anymore. Swizzels are a firm staple for any birthday in this house, the squashies are my favourite actually.

They’ve just launched their new sweets in collaboration with Minions : The rise of Gru movie - it’s so good by the way! Sweeties and film :)

Slime, foam , goo- anything to that nature and the girls are all over it like a rash. Learning resources have got these really cool playfoam bods. They come in all different colours including glow in the dark, which really does glow!.

I love that you can mix and match your creations too rather than having a big bundle of the same colour . They also make fantastic party bag favours and they don’t dry out… I repeat, they don’t dry out!! :)

Alessia has had her heart set on a skateboard for years. I’ve always been to scared to get her one, but kids don’t learn unless they try and practice right?. 

I’ve bit the bullet and ordered one from skates.co.uk. We’ve had scooters from them for years and they are really affordable. I’ll let you know how she gets on with it :)

We always go out for birthdays, whether it’s for dinner or the cinema. Buyagift is a great birthday treat idea. They have so many days out and experiences.

We’ve picked up a day out bowling, with hot dogs and drinks for all the family for £60, absolute bargain!.

We’ve got one more birthday to go this year and then it’ll be the dreaded C word !. Although I do love me a bit of Christmas shopping :)

I hope these gift ideas give you a bit of inspiration, and if all your birthdays are done for the year then get a head start for when the big guy in red arrives !.

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