Sunday 3 July 2022


Being creative is something that definitely runs in the family. All the girls have loved getting the crafts out and creating their very own master pieces from such a small age.

I know for some of us parents, the thought of messy play, paint and all that kind of jazz is a no go and gives us a headache at just the idea of it, but with Paint pop sticks, you’ll be headache free!

If you’ve not heard of them before then Paint pop paint sticks from Trends UK are the perfect way to start a love for doodling - mess free!.

They are super bright and colourful and dry really fast , in under a minute, which is perfect for all them little ones that hate waiting for their pictures to dry before showing them off :)

The Paint pop paint sticks are really simple to use , just pop the lid off and twist like a glue stick and there you have your paint stick ready to use.

They are the perfect chunky size for smaller hands too and great for helping little ones with their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

We love getting out in the garden, especially now summer has finally hit, touch wood :)

We’ve had a full week of sun, can you believe it?, especially in the UK. We’ve dug out our tuff tray and this has been a fantastic canvas for the Paint pop sticks.

Endless hours of play and simply wipe clean with a wet cloth and start all over again.

All the paints are water-soluble and non toxic and all the packs and tubs they come in are readily recyclable which is amazing.

There is quite a few packs and tubs from the range starting from as little as £7.99 which is a great price for something that can be used over and over again :)

They are available to purchase now at .

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