Friday 1 July 2022


 When it comes to that time of the month there is only one thing I ever use and have only used for the past few years and that is period pants.

WUKA have been my go to for so long and now the older two girls also use them and they are honestly a game changer.

Apart from the obvious bonus of saving money by reusable products, but these feel so comfortable to wear , sustainable and feeling confident whilst on, is essential for me.

WUKA have designed a new pair of period underwear which I was SO excited to test out!. The new WUKA Flex period pants with detachable straps that fit all sizes. 

Also when it’s that time of the month, I know for me my body changes completely and I can be bloated for a few days and then the bloating goes. 

There is nothing worse than having to wear something that is tight and makes you feel even worse than you already do - so being able to adjust the straps to how bloated you are is perfect!.

Easy accessible to change by detaching the straps, WUKA have thought of everything with these new pants. 

These come in size XS - XL and then XL - 4XL and I absolutely love the designs of these, they are so flattering too and just make me feel good, you know? .

The medium flow is what I use and they last for most of the day without having to worry about leaks .

If you’ve never tried period underwear before then WUKA offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first pair of pants , so you can’t try them hassle free for 40 days and if they are not quite for you or don’t fit right  then you can get a refund or exchange for a different pair.

If you are interested in trying them out for yourself then have a look at WUKA Instagram  and let me know what you think :) 

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