Wednesday 29 June 2022


The half term has definitely put a spanner in the works with Nila and her sleeping in her own room. She has been finding herself in mummy’s bed and has been to scared to go in her own room.

We’ve put posters up on her wall, got her new bedding but nothing has made her feel comfortable enough to go back into her own room until the Dream Beams arrived.

Dream Beams are the cutest cuddly bedtime friends that glow in the dark!. They are the squishiest plushies ever and perfect for night time.

Not only are they the best bedtime addition, they have superpowers too!. Each Dream Beam has their own personality and glows differently.

Pablo is a Pegasus and a talented song writer.He loves to accompany Alice on the piano when she sings.

Luna is Nila’s favourite,she is a light fairy princess.She loves to take naps under the sun to recharge after a long night.

Nickie the narwhal is a very shy Dream Beam. She comes out when Splash,her best friend is around.

Nila’s three plushies have fit in well with all her other friends :)

The Dream Beam’s mission is to make sure all little ones have a good night sleep and sweet dreams with the help of their sensory experience-cuddling,squeezing and glow in the dark feature.

After a long day at school , Nila loves to get into her pyjamas now, turn off the lights and snuggle with her glow in the dark friends.

They are the perfect comfort snuggly and you can pick up your very own Dream Beam from The Entertainer .

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