Monday 27 June 2022


 The sun has definitely been on our side the past week and I think summer has hit the UK now,thank goodness!.

The girls have asked for the swimming pool out all week so I surprised them with setting it up in the garden along with a little picnic tea , including a Vegan cheeseboard.

Now I know what you are thinking, especially if you’ve been here a while , vegan cheese for a cheese obsessed woman like myself, but in all honestly I’ve been meaning to try vegan cheese for a while now.

We have a meat free day every week and the children really enjoy coming up with ideas and looking through our cook book to see what new vegan recipes we can make on a Friday.

One thing we’ve never tried is vegan cheese, so when Violife sent us a selection of their ‘cheese’, I couldn’t wait for a taste test.

Nila doesn’t actually like cheese at all so I was really intrigued to see what the children thought too, so we put  our taste buds to the test and I was quite surprised.

Mine and Alessia’s favourite hands down was the Le Rond Camembert flavour - now this was absolutely delicious and I ate most of it! :)

It’s a little runnier than original Camembert but the flavour is so good , salty and definitely cheesy, yum!.

Mezz really enjoyed the smoky cheddar flavour slices, the consistency of these, as well as the original slices, is a little different but if we were comparing it to slices of perhaps apple wood then the taste is definitely there.

The epic mature flavour wasn’t as strong as I’d like, I love a strong cheese, but went really well with our crackers and chutney.

Last but not least and the biggest win of all was the grated original flavour that Nila ate!. We were all absolutely shocked, but I think the mild flavour of this was perfect for her as it wasn’t over powering and she absolutely loved it !.

We had a lovely different spin on our usual cheeseboard and this time it’s a thumbs up from all of us :) 

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