Thursday 26 May 2022


 When it comes to unicorns - and I mean anything unicorn, Nila is all over it , she is completely obsessed. It’s definitely her favourite thing at the minute .

When Brain storm sent over the amazing balancing unicorn, she couldn’t wait to test it out. I can actually remember something like this when I was little and use to absolutely love it.

They are really fun and a great quick and easy game to play to pass the time whilst waiting for dinner .

They look impossible to do but are really easy with the help of gravity :)

See how many you can count up to until you lose your balance or try and walk in a line with the unicorn still balancing, the ideas are endless .

You can even try balancing it on other things, like a phone ,a pen or even your nose!. Let us know the coolest way you’ve gothic your unicorn to balance.

We love the Brainstorm range, it’s full of fun and educational STEM toys that are all engaging and keep little ones learning through play.

These amazing unicorns are a great pocket money toy and I think they would be a hit for birthday gifts too :)


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