Saturday 28 May 2022


Just a few weeks until Father’s Day, are you prepared?, or are you a last minute buyer. I’ve done a little round up of some things I think that would make some fantastic gifts.

When it comes to a special occasions, I do love giving experiences, they can be saved for a rainy day too which is even better when you forget about them!.

Buyagift have a fantastic range of gift ideas. Whether you are looking for pampering , food related or a thrill seeking trip, Buyagift have you covered.They also range from as little as £49,which I think is an absolute bargain.

You really can’t go wrong with chocolate - it’s definitely a go to and also a great last minute gift idea!.

Cadbury have some really great chocolate gift box ideas. Full of all your favourite chocolate and personalised too for that extra touch :)

Another delicious treat is Green & Black’s. They have some delicious organic chocolate gift sets which are packed with tons of chocolate.

 My favourite is the milk and almond but they have so many flavours including sea salt and even butterscotch! Yum!

Sweets and a handmade card off the little ones would make such a sweet gift. These Haribo jelly babies and wine gums huge sharing box would make a great gift.

 You can all share with a film on Father’s Day evening but which ones are your favourite?, I love wine gums.

Anyone else love getting out now the weather is starting to pick up?. Why not some presents to get all the family outside together.

Badminton starter set for 4 would make such a cool gift and you’ll be sorted for a summer of fun!.All in a carry case so easy to take with you on your days out too!.

Something even more fun and a real treat for the dads this year. Ditch the car and get them in the fresh air on a scooter.

 No pollution so you’ll be doing your bit for the environment :)

If your dad still loves his bike then a bike repair kit from Sugru is just the thing this Father’s Day , he can thank you later.

Don’t forget you’re hat when you are out in the sunshine. It’s getting so warm lately and sun stroke is not a vibe!. 

Grab one of the baseball caps from Trendhim. They do them in black and navy blue.

We all love a pamper and to feel good, especially on a day just for us right?.The safety razors from Trendhim give such a smooth shave, Dad will be feeling super fresh for a nice day out.

Let me know what you pick up and I hope you all have a fab Father’s Day :)

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  1. I always tend to be a last minute buyer and I never have a good idea of what to get. I often just tend to get my Dad something for this garden

  2. The safety razor is awesome. This might be an awesome idea for dad, love it.

  3. These are great gift ideas for Father's Day. Thank you for sharing these!

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