Tuesday 30 August 2022


 The summer holidays are nearly over and school is just around the corner, are you prepared or are you a leave it all to the last minute person?.

We’ve been getting stuff as we go and all set now - I thought I’d share with you some back to school essentials for us and some things we do in the run up to a new school year.

Firstly, we like to keep the girls’ brains still going over the summer, now I don’t mean homework and school books out, but reading and educational games are always a must.

Orchard toys are our number one when it comes to fun educational games. We have a whole cupboard full of all sorts - maths , English, there are so many to choose from. 

We’ve been loving these new additions to our collection and they really do help the little ones brush up on their skills before school starts.

Stationary is Alessia’s favourite!. Highlighters, cool pens - you name it, she has it on her list of ‘musts’. Ryman are our go to for things like this.

Whether you need stationary, maths sets or even school bags. They are actually one of the best places to go to for quite a chunk off of your school to buy list. I love this back to school lightning bag :)

Stocked up on snacks for break time and pack lunches with fruit bowl are a must . They have wide range to chose from and lots of yummy flavours.

A healthier alternative to a sweet treat and they really are delicious- yes I love them too :) especially the blackcurrant peelers.

New school headbands from small stuff for Nila. They match her dress and they are so cute with the little tiny hearts on them.

Last but not least some fresh bedding. Does anyone else love giving their children’s bedrooms a summer clean ahead of September?. 

Bit of a summer freshen up, take some bits to the charity shops, re arrange the beds and you really can’t beat new duvet sets. These ones are from Bloomsbury Mill. 

They have chosen hearts and stars this September and these sets are really good quality and wash up really well too.

That’s my girls ready for school to start this September, are your?..

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