Sunday 28 August 2022



SAT Exams are very important in a child’s studying journey. They are viewed as milestones in your child’s journey and will help them with their learning capabilities in their early stages of school life.

 These SAT Experts have helped explain what UK SAT Exams are and why they’re important.

Used to gauge how your child is doing in their studies

SAT Exams give your child the chance to see where they are in their overall progression and it’ll help them see where their strengths lie. It also gives your child a lot more motivation to do well.

 At the end of your child’s studies in Year 6, they will be heading to a Secondary School, which is where the results of their SAT Exams will place them at the right level for them to progress nicely.

Used to help your child reflect on what they’ve learnt

SAT Exams define a specific moment in your child’s studies. The many years they’ve been learning have led to this moment in time, which is why your child should pay attention to how well they’ve been picking up new things in class. 

Your child is going to be tested in a number of ways, but these SAT Exams will not define your child’s progress in Senior or Secondary school. It will serve as a guide, but your child can always improve and do better when they head into more comprehensive learning.

Used as a guide for teachers

Teachers in your child’s next school will be using your child’s SAT Exam results to place them in the right classes. Usually in Secondary schools there are a number of different classes per subject - ranging from lower performance to the best performance in SAT scores. These help your child easily adapt to the level of learning they’re best suited to, which will make it easier for your child to learn and improve their skills.







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