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Being a hard worker doesn’t come straight away, but it’s also a good way of teaching your child how to work well and do their best. Having a good work ethic is also incredibly important for a child’s development and will help them well beyond their school life, up to their first job roles.


In this guide, we explore how you can raise your child to be a hardworking individual using manageable steps.

Try out community involvement

Many junior schools will incorporate some level of community involvement with their students. For instance, volunteering and helping out in the local community are good ways to help your child with their feeling of being hard working and focused. This gives your child the chance to try out first hand what they think they could be skilled at, as well as discovering new skills.

Try out work experience

When your child is around teenager age they’ll be getting used to more responsibilities around the home. And many schools offer your child the chance to take part in work experience to not only boost their skills but to add something to your child’s CV. Give your child the chance to try out a week in a local shop, or pick up a few hours at a charity shop to build on their skills. A lot can be learnt from being in the actual working environment, such as communication, problem solving and decision making.

Give your child age-appropriate chores

Having chores to try out on a regular basis means your child gets to explore different ways they can make a difference in the home. From wiping down tables and worktops, to knowing when to turn the vacuum cleaner on and cleaning the floors down - they all make a difference to your schedule. It also takes a load off your shoulders if you teach your child early on how to do their part in the home.








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