Monday 31 October 2022


 Sundays for me are normally a day of washing ,ironing, getting everything ready for the week ahead and it’s never the Sundays we all wish we had , relaxing ones!.

Yesterday was definitely a Sunday well spent and just what we needed. I’d seen that the shopping centre had a trick or treating morning on, so we went into town to join the trail and the girls got trick or treating around the shops.

Our shopping centre do a lot of free events over the half terms and it’s something I try and do with the girls as often as we can :)

Starbucks pit stop of course - I’m still holding onto the fact that they still have the pumpkin spice as it’s my absolute favourite!.

We did some shopping and picked Lessie up some bits from primark, as well as some Xmas blankets in TK Maxx- if you know then you know.

The stuff in TK Maxx just doesn’t stay there for long so you need to get them as soon as they are in. The girls got one for their beds and I picked up one for the living room, they are SO soft.

We then decided to go out for Sunday lunch at the local carvery. We haven’t been out for tea in so long and a carvery is our favourite place to go.

The price has gone up quite a bit, but it was still within our budget , so we had a lovely treat dinner and not having to cook or do the dishes was definitely a bonus :)

We spent the rest of the evening carving pumpkins, eating pumpkin pie and having bubble baths before snuggling in bed.

Was a long day but such a fun one :) 


  1. That sounds like it was a great weekend, indeed. Nothing is better than great family time.

  2. That definitely sounds like a Sunday well spend! Days with Starbucks are always good days though.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely Sunday, I am intrigued by the TK Maxx Christmas blankets, that is a shop I get so fed up walking around as I like to see things on display, saying that I have found some lovely bargains in there

  4. The blankets in TKMAXX are great aren't they?! This sounds like a really good use for Sunday and not just spending it cleaning x

  5. That's a perfect Sunday to me....We didn't do much over the weekend, just baking a couple of pies...

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. It is nice to spend some family time together.

  7. That does sound like such a fun day out. It's kind of crazy but after not being able to really go out like normal after the lockdowns, I'm looking forward to having some shopping days this holiday and just enjoy the festivities.

  8. Sounds like a nice day. I miss trick or treating. My kids are too old now. :)

  9. Sounds like you and the kids had such a good time from trick or treating to carving and eating pumpkin pie. Glad it was a fun day