Wednesday 5 October 2022


October has hit and it’s the best season for Netflix!. I thought I would share with you my Autumn watch list for the next few months as there are some really good series’s  coming out :)

The midnight club starts 7th October and is a series about a hospice for terminally ill children.A pact they make for the first one who dies to send them a sign beyond the grave …. Watch the trailer :)

The curse of bridge hollows has been one me and Alessia have been looking forward to for weeks now!. A Halloween hating dad reluctantly teams up with his daughter when a spirit decides to cause havoc on their town making everything come to life .

The trailer to this one looks so good . It comes out on the 14th of October. 

Wednesday the series comes out November the 23rd and this one is going to be so fun to watch with the girls- we are all Addams family obsessed! 

Locke & Key Season 3 is finally out!. Me and Kadiann haven’t watched this yet but it’s definitely been added to my watch list this Autumn.

If you’ve not seen any of them before then it’s about three siblings who have lost their father .They move into a house filled with reality bending keys. 

If you like easy spooky watches like Sabrina then you’ll like this.

The watcher is a film that sounds like something you have probably seen before : A family moved into their dream home only to discover they’ve inherited a nightmare, but it’s so much more than that.

A ‘watcher’ watches over the house and all is not as it seems! Comes out on the 13th October.

What’s on your watch list this Halloween! 

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