Friday 7 October 2022


It’s no secret, Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, I absolutely love it!. We decorate the house and binge watch all our favourite spooky shows.Halloween is definitely not spooky without the essentials so I thought I’d share with you some must haves for this time of the year :)

Sweets are of course a must!. All the goodies for them movie nights snuggled under the covers. Haribo are always our go to and they are perfect for when it comes to different holidays.

Their halloween limited edition sweets are SO good- the sour skeletons are my favourite but they also have the zingy monsters too. Perfect for the trick or treaters if you are willing to share :)

Our game selection is impressive, but we’ve added to it this Halloween with Ghosted, the hilarious game of deduction. You’ve come to an end and now you’ve been ghosted!.

Your restless spirit won’t be calm until you solve your own demise. A fun one for the Halloween half term!.

It wouldn’t be spooky season without some attire right?. How cute are these leggings from Blade & Rose. We’ve had stuff from them for  years and they’ve always had the cutest little seasonal bits. 

Just look at that pumpkin bum! :)

Lush…. Say no more!. If you are a regular follower then you will know my love and obsession with Lush. Their Halloween range is out now and the bath bombs are brilliant!.

I’ve stocked up for the month and can’t wait to see how good they turn out in the bath.

Are you looking forward to this holiday and what are your spooky must haves.


  1. Yes, to the spooky snacks. I can't believe today is Halloween!

  2. The lush halloween collection is always one of my favourites. I have the scream one and I can't wait to use it x

  3. These are all so spooky and perfect for the season, appetizersandentrees