Friday 4 November 2022


 It’s not long before the 1st December hits, have you got your advent calendars at the ready?.We love advent calendars and they are definitely one of the things we look forward to the most when December comes around.

Chocolate is always a go to isn’t it?. Original chocolate advent calendars you really can’t go wrong with and I don’t know about you but our house absolutely loves Lindt chocolate so this Teddy sleigh advent would go down a treat!.

Full of all the favourites- milk and white chocolate characters as well as the yummy truffles. 

RRP £15.00

Chocolate covered Oreo advent calendar you say?, yes that’s right!. La di da have got this delicious Oreo filled calendar for all the biscuit lovers out there.

Milk and white chocolate covered too with a little Xmas touch on each. You’ll have to get one for yourself to see what’s inside :)

RRP £22.00

You might have more of a sweet fanatic - Mezz always goes for the Haribo one every year without fail. 

Haribo have their glow in the dark calendar packed with themed bags of Haribo and Maoam from all over the world :)

RRP £10.00

Onto the toys - now I know every child loves Roblox, it’s just the thing isn’t it at the minute. Have you seen this cool Roblox advent calendar?.

Characters behind every door including Santa and reindeers!, as well as a unique code which unlocks two virtual items! :)

RRP £29.99

I have been meaning to switch up Nila’s books for a while and this book advent calendar from Ryman is such a brilliant idea.

A festive Disney book behind each door. A great way to add to your book collection and having a new book to read every night before bed is so exciting for the little ones :)

RRP £19.99 

Perhaps you want to make your own and switch it up with all sorts of goodies and treats. Ryman have this snowman one that you can do this with.

You can make a tradition every year and use it as a couple,you have either the odd days or even days and you both fill them with treats for each other which I think is a great idea .

RRP £4.99

Coffee lovers fear not, 12 days of coffee goodness from Chimney fire coffee. From all over the world, this calendar smells incredible and I for one can not wait to get stuck in :)

RRP £45

I hope these have given you some ideas when picking your advent calendars this year .

-Gifted items in exchange for a feature 


  1. All these look so cute! My aunt did advent calendars for a few years when I was in high school. So this brings back memories!

    -Whitney Stewart

  2. The Lindt calendar is always such a treat isnt it.!

  3. The advent calendar is awesome, I love it!!! I can't wait to get it...

  4. For a few years we did quite extravagant advent calendars, but I can't justify the costs at the moment so we've gone back to basic chocolate advent calendars this year and I am quite excited x

  5. Never bought such a calendar, but it seems fun. I especially love the one with the snowman and the small goodie bags