Sunday 6 November 2022


I was really looking forward to a weekend of relaxing with the children , enjoying some Xmas movies and just having a rest from work, it’s definitely a busy times especially with the blog so by the time Friday hits I am all for a chilled weekend.

The weather hasn’t been to bad over the past few weeks but since the clocks went back it’s been miserable and my s.a.d has hit me like a sack of shit if I am being honest and has completely thrown my off guard .

I’ve suffered with Seasonal Affective Disorder for so many years now and 9 times out of 10 I can get out of the funk and try and ride it out but I have struggled so much this weekend and today I’ve spent most of it crying. 

I like to keep my blog 100% real and honest and know that life is definitely a rollercoaster of joys, good times and also crap times and to acknowledge and know that we all have them moments.

I wanted to write about some ways I try and ride out my s.a.d and things that help me when it hits and hopefully if you suffer to it’ll help you at times when you need it.

Exercise - trust me to not go to the gym during the weekend and my s.a.d be at full force!.Exercising and moving the body helps massively with s.a.d, it’s a known fact.

I’ve ordered a tredmill tonight.I’ve been thinking about it for a while and this weekend I could of done with something like that to get my mind on something else and getting in that serotonin would of made such a difference.

Tricking your brain into having a cosy day is something I try and do ALOT!. Especially with children, having a cosy day with snacks and a movie can flip the switch, it doesn’t always work but something to try. 

Accept it, acknowledge it and move on. I’ve had to do this over the weekend as nothing seemed to shift it unfortunately. Accept it, have a cry if you need to, a bubble bath and let it run it’s course.

Check lists are a thing that have always give me satisfaction, anyone else a check list kinda girl?. Having something to focus on shifts the mood ,so get yourself a list of things that need doing, might take you longer because you are in that funk, but it gives you that bit of motivation that you’ll need.

Get out if you can. Yes it’s dark and it’s absolutely pouring it down , but we took a drive to Starbucks to grab a coffee just to get out for half an hour. It breaks down the day and getting out in the thing that’s making you feel the way you do sometimes help.

A sad light is a great investment. I dug mine out this morning. I’ve had it a few years now and they work wonders on some.You can find really affordable ones too, so it definitely won’t break the bank, or you could ask for one for Xmas :)

If you are suffering this time of year then I hope some of these will help you out of your funk and it will pass, you’ve got this.


  1. Some really useful tips on how to manage SAD . I have heard the lamp is very good.( Nayna )

  2. Thank you so much for writing on this and touching on S.A.D. I suffer from this, too. I have a lightbox and I try to get outside when I can.

  3. Sometimes a walk in the rain does wonders for the soul, im a huge fan of doing just that, especially if I am in a funk!