Tuesday 8 November 2022


Stocking fillers are probably one of the most exciting things about Christmas Day aren't they?. Everyone huddled together on the floor or the beds opening up their stockings before going downstairs for the big reveal :)

Gadgets and mini games are always fun in stockings and keep the kids occupied whilst mum and dad make a well needed coffee :) This really cool pocket arcade game would be perfect!. Over 25 games and 99 levels, plenty of time to drink that first cup of coffee hot :)

For the readers, a clothes peg clip light for the night time reading,these are great. Just clip to the edge of your book and the spring opening neatly holds the pages open for you - perfect !.

The girls love little pamper bits in their stockings, especially creams and bath bombs. Nila suffers with eczema so I have to be careful with what I get her. The Baby Kingdom's body cream is not only eczema friendly, it smells amazing too!. 

Sweet treats are a must aren't they. Chocolate especially. Lindt is our favourite and the girls always have one of the teddies in their stockings - the white ones are SO good.

Another firm favourite is the fruit bowl range. These are perfect for little stockings and we pick ours up from Ocado. So many different flavours too - ours is the blackcurrant ones :)

For all the LOL fans, LOL queen surprise ball is definitely going to be a hit this Christmas. There are 5 pairs of queen BFFs, which ones will you get?.

Why not the latest game to fill up the stocking this year?.My little pony new game based on the film and the fifth generation of ponies. Play as Sunny as she tries to organise a festival and stop one pony from ruining it ! :)

Something like a storybook flashlight would make a lovely gift for the little ones. Hours of play and such great value for anyone that needs to stick to a budget, I think we all do at the minute don't we?.

Bubble bath is always a win for stocking fillers. The girls love their baths with their smellies :) . Child’s farm have some gorgeous smelling gingerbread bubble bath which I know Alessia is going to absolutely love.  Another limited edition scent is the hot chocolate and marshmallow!. Perfect for little ones that suffer with sensitive skin too as the products are super gentle :)

Hand cream this time of year is essential!. My go to and one I use all year round is the SEAMS luxurious hand cream. Non greasy, moisturising and leaves your hands feeling soft and protected from the cold. 

Pop some Eylure lashes into the stocking for her this year ready for the Christmas party season :) These lashes are my daughters absolute favourite and she wouldn’t be anywhere this festive season without them. So many to choose from, whether you are looking for a subtle look or a go all out lash this year, Eylure have got you covered!.

Soft fluffy socks that are Christmas themed are the perfect  fillers for little ones. My girls love new pairs of socks in their stockings. Blade and rose have the cutest little elf Christmas socks :)

I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration and help you out with your stockings this year 


  1. Some great ideas

  2. I love these ideas. The story book flashlight is the best. I love toys and items that promote reading.

  3. Plenty of ideas for a Christmas stocking. I choose a clothes peg clip light for the night time reading.

  4. All of these are great ideas, the storybook flashlight is so neat!

  5. Some fabulous stocking filler ideas here, we love Lindt chocolates too and our kids love the teddies, also you can't go wrong with the LOL Suprises

  6. This is a terrific list. I know that the LOL, the My Little Pony, and the Storybook flashlight will all probably find they their way on my list. Thanks.

  7. Ooh great stocking stuffer picks. These will keep the little ones happy...I like the idea of putting snacks so you know it won't go to waste!