Sunday 11 December 2022


 This morning I vowed to have a slow Sunday and do nothing. This was already going to be a fail the moment I said it out loud, but god loves a trier right? :)

Nila and I spent the morning slow, I had a lush cup of coffee and we snuggled up and watched the new Disney plus Mickey show, I’ve done a blog post on the best Christmas films to watch on Disney + that are all around 30 minutes long. The perfect time to enjoy a coffee hot :)

We did some crafts and it’s one of the things I’ve always done with the girls, especially at Christmas. I picked Nila up some new Christmas stamps so she made sure she had a good stamp session out of them this morning!.

Then the slow Sunday turned into the biggest fail….

I put the washer on and then decided to have a complete house clean as well as cook a full Sunday roast, crazy, yes, but surely I can’t be the only one who does this!.

I started upstairs and cleaned all the windows and the seals, our windows get quite damp and it’s actually ruined Nila’s blind, so I make sure they are cleaned every weekend anyway. 

Fresh bedding , Christmas themed of course!. The clothes are all put away and I’ve even wrapped all my friends presents in between.

We have had a lush Sunday roast , everyone’s had a bath and we’ve just finished our Elf Christmas disco in the bedroom.

I ordered an Elf projector from Cherryz and the girls loved it. 

The girls are in their rooms and I’ve just come upstairs to read some of my book before I do some work this evening.

Definitely not a slow Sunday but it’s been a Sunday well spent :)


  1. You had me at Elf Projector. What a fun thing to do and yes, to the disco!

  2. Elizabeth Williams13 December 2022 at 22:46

    Definitely sounds like a Sunday we'll spent, very productive even if it was not the slow Sunday you hoped for. Thanks for the link to the Disney films.

  3. That's a lovely read here of your Sunday well spent day for Christmas themed so called :) cheers Siennylovesdrawing