Friday 16 December 2022


 It’s the last week of school this week and I have had Nila off.With an outburst of Scarlett fever it’s just not worth taking the risk and sending her in.

So not only have I been working all week with her at home, sorting the house , packing for nannies for the weekend, I’ve also had to try and get Christmas sorted with her in tow.

God it has been a struggle but she is such a good girl and I’ve managed to work and sort the house out and we’ve had fun in between.

I decided to get a taxi into town and try and do all the last minute Xmas shopping , yes I did think this was a crazy idea but I had Kay with me and a tag team in between shops sounded like a plan.

I went with a list, make sure you’ve got your last minute list so you can tick off and relax knowing you’ve got Christmas covered.

I got everything on my list and more , and it’s been such a lovely afternoon out, definitely needed. Little Starbucks treat too.

We also found Santas sleigh so he must of been having a little break so we had a cheeky photo in it :) 

Found some really good bargains and also Mezzer’s last present, I won’t say what it is incase he reads this :)

Operation Christmas has been a success and I can finally stop stressing and enjoy the holidays.

How are you finding the Xmas rush?, are you all sorted?. 


  1. You must be very pleased with operation Christmas successful. Happy aura all around.

  2. Glad things are going well for you with operation Christmas. It can be tricky trying to get Christmas sorted and get presents with little ones about.

  3. I have been sorted for the past week or so so I'm feeling festive and prepared. Sounds like you had a productive Christmas day x

  4. LOL I would have taken that photo spot too. It is a cute pic. Love that she's carrying the baby.

  5. Believe it or not, I didn't have time to do my christmas shopping yet!!! I will do it tomorrow for sure lol...

  6. Ohh wow.... congratulations on your successful Christmas operation , love all the vaptites shared