Friday 23 December 2022


If you’ve been here for a while then you will know about Nila's Rapunzel hair. She has never had a hair cut and she is 5 and a half, not a trim,nothing at all, she loves her long hair.

When I say long, I’m talking just pass her bum and oh my, it’s absolutely beautiful. The baby blond at the bottom, and her brown coming through, but my god a pain to brush.

Every morning and evening without fail the dreaded hair brushing would bring tears and the knots were a nightmare.

She could only have plaits or a pony as having it down would end up with a million more knots and this morning she decided she wanted short hair.

She has been saying this for a few weeks now and then changing her mind but she was adamant she wanted short hair like mummy, so we did it and oh my , she looks so grown up!.

I can’t believe how different she looks, no more blond, totally brown like her big sister and she absolutely loves it!.

She’s had it down all day with clips in and keeps flicking her hair and is in awe of herself in the mirror, it’s so cute.

I can safely say we have one happy little bug and she loves her new hair :)


  1. Oh that IS a big chop! Brave girl! I remember when I got my 1st pixie haircut. It took a while to get used to washing it! It suits her though :)

  2. That is a lot of hair to cut off. I used to have hair down to my mum and I wanted to cut it, but my mum wanted to do it in stages just in case I regretted it x

  3. She was brave to go for the big chop like that but she looks so happy with the end result!

  4. That is a chop, I remember when my daughter did the same, the difference was amazing. plus no more arguments on hair brushing in the morrnings

  5. That is definitely a big chop. But if she is happy, that is what matters. Can't believe she managed to keep it for so long without cutting it :)

  6. Aw this is lovely, I'm so glad that she loves her new hairdo! She looks very grown up.