Tuesday 10 January 2023


 One of the hardest lessons that there is to teach children is how to overcome obstacles as it stems from their self-belief and willingness to do the things that they’re afraid of. They will need your help, to be their support system and set a good example. If you’d like to learn about how you can help your child be more resilient and deal with the problems that they face, take a look at the tips that we’ve shared below from an independent school in Surrey.


Discuss Goals

Goals are a good place to start as it gives children things to look forward to and motivation. They can also be empowering and help them when they run into problems as they will act as a reminder of what they set out to do and how far they’ve come.


Provide Moral Support

Sometimes all your child needs to hear is that you believe in them and the reassurance that actually things aren’t as scary as they seem. That initial push will get them going and closer to what they set their sights on.


Making Mistakes

There’s also the fear of failure. Sometimes children are afraid to try and put themselves out there as they are scared of facing rejection and making mistakes. What they should know is that it’s okay and they are a part of life. They allow us to learn and can be invaluable to our growth which is why you should try and create an environment where they feel comfortable enough to make mistakes and aren’t punished for them.


Another point to make is that children go by what they see around them and as their parents, you will have the greatest influence on their attitudes and the kind of mindset that they adopt. Therefore, you will need to embody the messages above in your own actions.






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