Tuesday 21 February 2023


So the first day of the half term hit and Nila ended up with conjunctivitis, typical isn’t it. Poor little thing has been cooped up for the past few days and we decided a park trip was in order.

Swimming and soft play is off the cards now but we definitely needed to get out and get some fresh air and it has done us the world of good.

I logged off for work and the sun was shining, it’s really feeling like spring now, even hung my washing on the line!.

We were the only ones in the park too , bonus!. We did make a pit stop for a coffee. Our local co op has a costa machine in there, counting my blessings here, so I picked up a cappuccino and some little treats for Nila to eat on the way.

It was so lovely to see that cheeky face of hers light up, she was honestly in her element this afternoon and she was absolutely shattered by the time we got in.

We made some banana milkshakes and snuggled up and watched Pj mask before the pancakes .

Anyone else had pancakes today?. The girls love biscoff on theirs while I just can’t do anything but sugar and lemon, it’s so good and nothing else beats it.

Are you a traditional pancake lover?, or do you prefer all the chocolate spreads :)

The girls are flat out now and I’ve got a little bit of work to do before I hit the sack, it’s been a good day ….


  1. I am a traditional pancake lover but I also love chocolate spreads. Tomorrow will be pancake day :)

  2. We loved our pancakes my daughter loves nutella, banana and squirty cream, my husband is the same as you lemon and sugar. While I had cherries and cream

  3. Pancakes!!! I haven't had pancakes for months!!! This weekend for sure, I am getting pancakes lol...

  4. Ooh biscoff pancakes sounds so good! I would never have thought to spread that over my pancakes...such a yummy treat! Sounds like you had a nice day ^_^

  5. How lucky that you had the park to yourself! Enjoyed reading the little joys on the way.

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  7. I am so glad its warming up so we can go to the park too! Playing outdoors is always a really fun time.

  8. Aww I hope they feel better! I never would have thought about having Biscoff pancakes before, but I would for sure love to try it!

  9. Pankcakes are a favorite in my household. Especially on Saturday mornings. It sounds as if you had the best day.