Wednesday 12 April 2023


I feel like today is the day that is going to completely change my life. Now I’ve been stuck in a rut with my mental health and moods for a while now and im not ashamed or afraid to admit that times have been a struggle and I have definitely lost my spiritual spark.

If you have followed me for a while then you will know I love all things spiritual and have done for as long as I can remember.

If you’ve been here from the beginning then you will remember the daily tarot draws, all the manifesting you could thing of and honestly , just a more happier and positive me.

Recently I’ve been listening to the universe and  if I am being completely honest, hearing her a lot more naturally.

The universe works in mysterious ways and sometimes you need to dive into your core belief to see the magic working.

I’ve been on a manifesting money journey, aren’t we all right?. We want to go on holiday this year and the cost of living is affecting us all. 

Saying some money making mantras before I have been going to bed every night, saying out loud what I am going to buy with the extra money I have.

The universe heard and I have now got extra work and my Vinted has been on fire!.

Shout and you will be heard…

One thing that has blown my mind this week, the dentist. Now I have the biggest fear of the dentist and I haven’t actually been for 18 years!.

I have been trying to talk to myself over the past few weeks and prepare myself to ring up and book myself in. It’s a real challenge and there have been tears trying to build the courage to do this.

I definitely feel like the universe heard me as I now have a sensitive tooth and niggle in my jaw which I know needs to be seen by the dentist asap.

Being more align and in tune , I can see so many more signs and feeling like a new chapter is about to happen.

I’d love to know if you believe In manifestation and what your views are on it.

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