Tuesday 4 April 2023


 It is day 2 of the Easter half term and the sun is shining!.Anyone else feeling like spring is here?, it really does set you up for the day when the sun is waking you up through the window.

Anyway, I am here sitting with a coffee and the children have already said they are bored, two days in.

As I have said before, I am working through the 2 weeks holidays from home so it’s a juggling game of work, house and the children.

I must admit, I normally get it all quite balanced, the ‘I’m bored’ always comes out whilst I’m working, rightly so, none of the children enjoy watching me work but then feeling bored is actually a good thing.

Setting up activities everyday whilst I’m working sounds like perfect parenting right?, but it also leaves room for error- needing someone to do the activity with , or frustration when the math sums you’ve done need ticking right away, anyone else’s little one obsessed with sums?.

So today, the answer to I’m bored has been, go and find something to do .Reminding the girls that they have a million things in their rooms.

That’s when the creativity kicks in. All three of my children are extremely creative, but when boredom kicks in, it’s a whole new level.

Alessia spent hours on her guitar practising one of the songs she is learning in school. She got a guitar for Christmas after having asked for one for years.

The only time she plays it is when she’s ‘bored’. Feeling bored gives your brain that ‘mind wandering’ that is needed to think of things to do.

She also spring cleaned her bedroom and has had a very rewarding ,proactive day. Will also encourage a good sleep routine over the half term if the children are still being active.

Nila asked me for her Sylvanian houses out, and I sat in the next room listening whilst working as she constructed a whole world out of her toys.

The creative play this afternoon was amazing and I loved listening to all the families she made up and what jobs they had.

I also had some lovely stories that Nila had wrote for me. Her spelling and story telling is incredible and I love reading them.

So this is your half term reminder that if your little ones are bored over these 2 weeks, let them be and watch the magic happen :) 

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  1. My girls have learned not to tell me they are bored, when they do I give them a job to do around the house. They quickly find something else to do. hehehe
    It sounds like your children have had a lovely time doing their own thing. x