Sunday 2 April 2023


Crafts have been in full swing here over the Easter holidays and Spring is definitely in the air!.The girls are looking forward to Easter and we’ve been getting creative with the paint pop paint sticks collection.

We had these last summer and absolutely love using them. We’ve added to our collection this spring and got the 24 pack and the paint pop face paint sticks that we’ve been  testing out. 

The  face paint sticks are 10/10. We decided on flowers and rainbow designs, and the sticks were easy to apply and didn’t smudge all day.

The set comes with a little brush so you can use it for details or maybe adding a little bit of glitter at the end of a rainbow.

I will definitely be using these at Nila’s birthday party, we can’t wait!.

The face paint wiped off with warm water easily, and didn’t aggravate Nila’s eczema so great for sensitive/eczema prone skin.

The paint sticks are super bright and dry really fast , under a minute and mess free!, perfect right?.Great for little ones hands too as they are chunky, perfect for grip control.

Really ease to use as they resemble a glue stick so twist the top for the paint stick to come up and paint!.

Endless hours of play and wipe clean from all the range .

If you are looking for something this half term to keep your little ones occupied then I would highly recommend these.

You can purchase your Paint pop paint at 


  1. Marie Cris Angeles11 April 2023 at 12:08

    Paint pop paint is looks so fun activity. My niece will like this. Perfect gifts for the kids.

  2. They face paint sticks look so good. My kids used to love using face paints. These would also be great if you are heading to a little festival or something

  3. These are great to get creative with. My kids will definitely enjoy them and will get them accupied for a few hours.

  4. This is such a big help in making Easter holidays more fun and creative. Thank you

  5. The paint pop paint seems amazing! The colors are very vibrant. I will get a set for my daughter.

  6. We haven't tried these before. The face paint sticks sounds great. They'd keep my kids entertained.

  7. It's great to had a product that safe and easy to use...especially with the little ones. Nice cleanup too! Perfect for rainy days in or parties :D

  8. These look really great for little hands. My kids used to love getting their faces painted.

  9. I love how you've shown step-by-step instructions for creating unique and vibrant designs with Paint Pop Paint. Your creativity is truly inspiring and makes me want to try it out myself!

  10. Wow, these are fun crafts. Kids would definitely love it! Thanks for sharing!