Friday 31 March 2023


 Nila is coming up to six and I honestly can not believe how fast these years have gone. I think once you know your last child is definitely your last, it hits you in your feels.

We’ve been encouraging more independence and have been using the half term to get Nila more confident with doing some things independently.


I 100% hold my hands up with this one and will say it’s so easy to get the little ones dressed, as well as faster!. Nila’s been choosing her outfit in the morning and getting dressed completely by herself.

Socks are a struggle, even as an adult sometimes!. So I’ve picked up some easier/stretchier ones which eliminates the struggle.

She’s been doing really well and is super proud of herself. As the days go on , they will get faster at getting themselves dressed and you won’t need to interfere.


Nila has been doing a lot of meal prepping at school. They’ve been learning how to use a knife, make sandwich’s, the process of a sandwich and made some delicious looking fruit kebabs.

She has been in charge of lunch times and has, making a sandwich, and picky plate sussed!.

She butters the bread, adds the filling and cuts the sandwiches. She absolutely loves this being her job and being the boss of lunch time! :)


Rules are so important for development and growth and having rules in the home for your children to learn and follow are fundamental.

By easy rules and chores I mean , put your shoes on the shoe rack, tidy your bed in the morning ,dishes go into the sink after you’ve eaten / very easy and simple but sets a good foundation of structure from a young age.


Similar to rules, but a good routine is key, not only to help be independent but to also know what’s next . 

Little ones might even start initiating next steps, so getting their teeth brushed after they’ve put their pyjamas on - it’s also really cute watching them become little grown ups :)


Choice always feels like hard work, but I’m not talking choose your dinner, you don’t want that one , this one?, no ?, this one etc, we are definitely a one dinner for all family :).

Simply choosing which book they would like to read at bedtime or picking out their outfit - choosing a yoghurt bowl or biscuits for dessert.

Giving them choice also let’s them know there choices are valid and matter and that they are capable of choice.

I’d love to know some ways you try and encourage your little ones to be a bit more independent.

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