Tuesday 30 May 2023


 Summer is one of the best times to spruce up your home and get it ready for friends and family to visit, or simply create a space for you to relax. If there’s one thing everyone wants from their home, it’s to be comfortable, and your bedroom is one of the areas where comfort is king (or queen, of course).

When the summer rolls around, you might find that your bedroom is too warm; too stuffy; too unbearably hot that it’s impossible to sleep through the night or stay dry, which makes you grumpy and makes it difficult to focus. If this sounds familiar, consider these tips to sleep better during the summer. 

Keep Your Blinds Closed 

It sounds counterproductive to keep your blinds closed. After all, you want to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible because who knows when those grey and rainy days will return. However, leaving the blinds open generates heat, while closed blinds can block the heat and keep your bedroom cool all day long. By the time you go to bed, you don’t need to worry about cooling the room down, because it will already be at the optimal temperature. 

Don’t Exercise, Drink, or Eat Too Much 

Although many people prefer to squeeze in a quick gym session after work or maybe sip on some wine to ease them towards sleep, these activities can affect your sleep. The same goes for larger meals since they can all disrupt your sleep and make it more challenging to enjoy a restful night. If you often feel hungry before bed, you should adjust your diet to ensure you can sleep on a full stomach even if you’ve eaten more than four hours before climbing into bed. As for exercise, you don’t want to raise your heart rate too much, so try to workout in the morning or immediately after work. 

Use A Fan 

You can benefit from using a fan or a fan and dehumidifier combo. This accessory helps to keep the room ventilated as it moves air around rather than allowing it to remain stagnant. If this isn’t cool enough, try filling a bowl of ice water and placing it in front of the fan on those days when it is too hot to do anything. However, this is not recommended if you have pets or small children.

Take A Shower 

You will find it easier to sleep on hot summer nights if your body temperature is already cool enough. Sitting on the sofa all night will not cool you down, but taking a cold shower can help you feel comfortable enough to get to sleep more easily. If you can’t stand cold showers, don’t worry. Experts also suggest lukewarm water to help you feel more relaxed, which can mitigate the issues caused by uncomfortable heat. If you take a shower an hour or two before going to bed, you will find it easier to get to sleep, and you don’t need to wake up early to shower before work, either. 

Wear Breathable Clothes 

Many people see pyjamas as the perfect cosy outfit, but they might feel a little too restrictive and warm during the summer. The alternative is to find breathable pyjamas or everyday clothes that wick moisture from the body as you sweater during the night. These will also help your skin breathe so you won’t feel too hot and bothered. Of course, the other option is to sleep naked if you feel like it and know you won’t upset anyone else in the house. 

Invest in Comfortable Bedroom Accessories

If sleeping naked is not an option, then the next best thing is to invest in comfortable and high-quality bedroom accessories. Purchasing hotel linens for your home can transform the way you experience a good night’s sleep while fabrics that boast cooling properties (such as cotton or bamboo) can also be effective. If you still struggle to sleep through the night, a sleep tracker can identify what’s going wrong and offer advice on how you can change it. 

Try A Cooling Mattress 

Suppose all else fails, though. You might feel like you’ll never get a decent night’s sleep unless you abandon your sheets and sleep with the windows wide open. However, upgrading your mattress could be the answer. Cooling mattresses come with various firmnesses to suit all sleeping styles and can help you get the perfect sleep regardless of the outside temperature.

Sleep Easy 

Everyone deserves a good night’s rest and these tips will help you get one step closer to sleeping through the night and not waking up sweaty and still exhausted. Of course, everyone sleeps a little differently, so you may need to make a few changes here and there to create your optimal sleep environment.

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