Thursday 1 June 2023


Summer is finally here and we’ve just come back from a lovely stay in Great Yarmouth to see my parents. It’s the perfect seaside get away and it’s somewhere we go every single year.

With the cost of living and holiday trips costing the earth , Mezz and I have been thinking about investing in our own caravan ,which in the long run is going to save us a small fortune and we will be able to enjoy our seaside trips in our very own motor home.

So where do we start?. Five things to think about when buying your own caravan.


First decision is whether you are going for a static caravan or a mobile one. My grandads both had static caravans in Clacton and I have so many memories of holidays there.My parents have one in their back garden which is great for when family need a place to stay!.

Static caravans are great if you want to stick to the same place but I think for us a mobile home is more ideal as we love travelling and exploring new parts of the UK.


Decide on your budget and what you can afford before searching. You could come across the most amazing caravan and have your heart set on it but the price is way above what you can afford.


Now you know your budget , you can look at whether you want to buy new or old . Of course a second hand caravan is going to have some wear and tear but some key things to look out for is cracks in the tyres,window catches and if you can get a service history for it then that’s even better as you can see exactly what has been done and when.


If you do decide on a static then do a lot of research of locations and parks. Some parks have onsite entertainment , swimming pools, little shops , which would make a fantastic get away with everything you need right on your doorstep.


I know so many people that don’t bother with insurance and it is better to be safe than sorry after purchasing something at such a big expense.

You can take out a basic caravan insurance policy which will cover the essentials but it’s often cost effective to include some add ons to cover some extras, depending on what you need.

InsureMy compare caravan insurance companies to find the best deal for you which saves you doing all the hard work right?. Takes 2 minutes to get a quote and it’s absolutely free to do so.

I’d love to know if you are looking into buying your own holiday home this year or if you have one , which did you go for?.

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