Friday 28 July 2023


 Something that is at the top of my list when it comes to my self esteem and being my best confident self is feeling good. We all have them moments where we just don't feel good in our own skin some days, and that is completley fine and normal.

Everyone has their off days and days where they just don't feel their best self,so anything that can help that feeling is an absolute win right?.

This is where Conturve come in.


Conturve are a brand with a vision of empowering women of all shapes and sizes with their form fitting and functional shape wear, that fits all body sizes. Aiming to give you that extra boost of confidence that you might just need.

Their mission is to help you redefine beauty while staying true to who you are.I couldn't agree anymore. I have been on a self love journey for a few years and Conturve, with core values like 'our shapes don't define us' gives that extra boost we need .


One of my favourite pieces of their range. Feel and look amazing with their full figuring- hugging shape wear shorts. They give you full coverage support and sucks you in with giving all the comfort you need for an evening out with the girls.

Seamless, which ticks our girls' boxes and they are totally invisible underneath all clothing.

I love wearing body con dresses and sometimes I wish my curves had a bit more curve to them - I train at the gym 6 days a week and  I love the hour glass figure I am building. Popping these shorts on, enhances all my curves in the right places and I love them!.


When it comes to bras, comfort is key. Whether you are looking for a bralette or a hook and eye bra, Conturve have a lovely selection to choose from.

The wire-free design offers maximum support and are super comfy. The shaping bras are highly breathable and gently firming which is very flattering and a great bra for the gym with the added support.

Dig -free and pain-free, so all my big bust girlies will be smiling from ear to ear, the struggle is real right girls, comfy straps, yes please.

Whether you are looking for a gym bra, supportive bra , comfy bed bra - Conturve has it all.

To get 15% off of your order, use code KIRA15 at the checkout. I would love to know which pieces you pick out and how good they make you feel :)


  1. Ohh yes, I love comfy shape wear too, keep us in shape comfortably. I'm now interested to check out the short. Thanks for the 15% off code. Cheers SiennyLovesDrawing

  2. Your upbeat review of Conturve's shape wear is relatable and engaging. Your genuine excitement about their shorts and bras shines through, providing helpful insights into their comfort and functionality. Sharing your self-love journey and the discount code adds a personal touch. Keep spreading that positivity! 🌟👗🩲