Monday 27 November 2023


 I don’t know about you but I am in full Christmas swing. Once the end of November hits, I am operation get Christmas sorted. If you are new here then I have three girls so it’s all about the glam and glitter usually but the girls have quite an unusual wish list for Santa this year and I know exactly where to find it all.

When it comes to presents, I know quite a lot of people struggle with what to get their children or even nieces or nephews, especially if they have ‘everything’ and haven’t a clue what they actually want - we have been here before :)

Wicked Uncle is honestly a godsend. If you are unfamiliar with Wicked Uncle then firstly, where have you been?. They are my go-to for all presents throughout the year!.

They are an online toy store with the coolest toys and gadgets you will ever find. We are not talking about your typical ‘cool toy’, we are talking about the ultimate place to go for gifts for 8-year-old girls.

The first one is the bracelet activity tower. It has over 1600 pieces and is filled with vibrant thread and cords to make the most awesome jewellery.

The spinning tower is also great for storing your creations. Nila would go mad for this, she loves making things at the minute and this would make a perfect starter kit.

Nila loves her flying fairies and I have come across this really cool flying bee. They are so easy to use, you control them with your hand and we have such a giggle with the ones she has already, this would make such a great addition to our collection.

Our house is sock crazy. We love a pair of novelty socks, but odd socks? now you are talking we have recently got a kitten so these cat-odd socks are going to go down epic when Nila gets her hand on them.

Their school also has odd sock day so she definitely will be the star of the show with these ones :)

Winter is the blanket season right? for all your unicorn lovers out there,  nothing beats a cosy soft blanket that is not only pink and unicorn-themed but glows in the dark!. 

I’ve not come across something like this before so such an exclusive and unique gift.

Last but not least on my list for girls’ Christmas gifts are these amazing Aqua dragons. A lot of the little ones ask for pets for Christmas and these would be the perfect get-out card for anyone’s list that has a dog on :)

The Aqua dragons look like tiny three-eyed, long-tailed, hairy-headed dragons and can grow up to 2cm long. Bring them to life, hatching them out of their hibernated egg.

You can see them eat, grow, swim and play. I am so intrigued by these, I’d love to know if you pick them up for your girls this Xmas time.

I hope this little gift guide from Wicked Uncle gives you some inspiration when you are on the hunt for presents, and what’s so good about it is you can do it in the comfort of your sofa with a hot chocolate on your laptop!.

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