Monday 18 December 2023


 Over the past few years we have been going to my mum and dads for the weekend during December. They live in Norfolk so getting the time to see them throughout the year normally has to fall on school holidays.

The children break up Friday 22nd December this year , a week earlier which I think is not enough time to enjoy Christmas with your family but hey ho,so we decided to take this past weekend to have a Christmas road trip.

It’s definitely quality over quantity in my eyes, so even though we only had a few days there , we really do make the most of it .

Friday evening we had tickets to watch the hippodrome’s Christmas Spectacular in Great Yarmouth and it was brilliant. The girls love going there and it’s always a really fun show.

We got up and danced and sang to Christmas songs and Santa made an appearance, we loved it!.

Saturday we went to the arcades , always a must when we are at Nanny and Grandads, I’m surprised some of them were open!. We were the only ones there so had the whole place to ourselves :)

We won the usual nick nacks as-well as a little plushie for Cora our kitten. I have really missed her .

We got home to the Elves treating the girls to some snow globes to make while dinner was cooking. Our elves come to life when we are at Nannies and they aren’t all cheeky . They did make a snowman out of the toilet roll Saturday morning but they definitely made up for it with the snow globes and chocolate they left!.

We watched The Genie and played some games - Christmas Eve orchard toys box was obviously packed. It’s our favourite!.

We spent Sunday chilling out waiting for Daddy to come and pick us up. Fry up before leaving and it’s been a lovely weekend.

Back home to wrapping, last week of work and operation get Christmas sorted :) 

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  1. I really wanted to watch The Genie, I thought it looked like a great Christmas film.