Tuesday 19 December 2023


 A weekend at Nanny and Grandads over the Christmas period means one thing - The Elves have come out to play. Our elves only come out when we are at Nanny and Grandads, it’s a good job to!.

I don’t think we could handle all of their antics for the whole month of December.

If you are new around here, we have two Elves, Flower and Tinsel. They are cheeky little things but also bring some really cool treats sometimes !.

This year they have decided to bring along a new addition - Jingles. We have a girl Elf!. How exciting!. 


Three of them means triple the chaos!

They started by making a snowman with toilet roll. Got a little carried away and we ended up with tissue paper all over the living room. The ceiling, hanging on the doors and the TV, it was a mess!

We came back from the arcades to find they had brought us some snow globes to do while Nanny cooked dinner. Flower and Tinsel know how much Nila loves snow globes so she was really happy. 

We were getting ready for bed and noticed them on the kitchen table. They had found the girls’ selection boxes and completely trashed them. 

They had to jigsaw the chocolates back together and figure out who’s was who’s. Luckily the Elves hadn’t eaten any- naughty elves!.

Sunday morning they delivered the girls some Santa chocolates to make up for all the cheeky behaviour over the weekend.

It’s been lovely seeing them again and can’t wait to see why craziness they get upto next year :) 

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  1. I love the idea that they live with the Grandparents, wish I had thought of that one!