Friday 8 March 2024


 Friday's are my day off and although I do normally work, catch up on blog admin or get ahead for the following week, I miss taking these days off and giving myself a break. The juggles of motherhood and being a working mum and also self-employed, free time always ends up being consumed with work or life errands and I really want to get out of that.

I had a look at the cinema listings as I used to take myself on solo cinema dates and I absolutely love them. Imaginary was showing at 1.10pm which is unheard of for a horror movie to be showing in the afternoon so this was definitely my sign to book it and take myself out!.

I headed for coffee with a friend in the morning first, then did a little shopping before heading to Boots for snacks. I grabbed a pack of sushi for lunch, my favourite Mallows bar and a drink.

Of course, I stopped at Costa for their Rhurbrarb refresher. This is a staple for a solo cinema date.

I actually got the times wrong and thought I had to be there for 1.30pm, so when I got there, I had missed all of the trailers and the film was just about to start, perfect!.

The film was 10/10, some really jumpy moments which I love, great little twist at the end and such a lovely treat for just me, not only to do something I love but to unwind and recuperate from a busy working week.

A lot of people ask me about going to the cinema alone, how can I do it and am I nervous. Solo cinema trips are one of my favourite things to do. Sitting in peace watching a film you've been eager to see, with a ton of snacks you do not have to share with the children. Not having to miss 10 minutes because you need to take the little ones to the toilet, you can't get better than that trust me.

I have never felt awkward scanning a single ticket at the entrance, never felt embarrassed because there are couples or families in the cinema and I am sat on my own. You would be surprised at how many people go to the cinema alone.

I was looking to get an unlimited cinema membership which works out at less than two cinema visits a month. It would encourage me to make sure Fridays stay mine and I can see as many films as I like, more than once too!.

I would love to know if you do solo dates, i am always looking for new things to get up to :)

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