Monday 11 March 2024


The weekend went by way too fast if you ask me. I can't believe it is Monday already!. Roll on the spring half term as I can not wait to get on a plane and have some time off and some sunshine, what is this weather like?. So cold this morning and honestly looks like it could snow!.

Mother's Day weekend, how did yours go?. I wanted to write about Mother's Day because it can be one of the worst days for some, depending on circumstances and my heart goes out to all the mums that have lost, can't conceive or are too far away from their mums like myself, but also the mums that turn to social media.

Social media can make days like Mother's Day look so different to the realities of it. There was a time, my eldest is 21 soon, so I've been around a while in this mothering game :), when people that did everything and anything on these days were 'so lucky' and it would make me feel rubbish.

Breakfast in bed with well-behaved kids who have made the toast, spread the butter, no mess in sight and pictures on Instagram to perfection. This is not reality, for most and that is ok.

Dont get me wrong, I have had breakfast in bed at times, tons of presents, chocolates and days out but when it comes down to it, I am a mum every single day of the week. I do not need a day where society puts so much pressure on me to make it amazing, for who? the world to see?, because I know that these days that come across as effortless are no doubt the most stressful ones.

For context, I woke up with no cards or presents, my 14-year-old had forgotten to write in her card and also not helped my 6-year-old sort her card out. I made my own coffee and hot cross buns, which were delightful. Nila got her card out of her book bag she had made at school for me and then proceeded to make some decorations to put in the living room, so cute!. We snuggled on the sofa with our breakfast while I finished my book and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

It was a lovely morning, relaxed, carefree and not hectic at all. My eldest came over with some gifts and flowers and we went out for dinner. We laughed so much yesterday, I had pains in my side. Rarely, we are all together these days so it was a lovely afternoon.

Home for hot bubble baths and sleepovers in mummy's bed.

My Mother's Day was exactly how I wanted it. No stress or overcompensating because while it is nice to have a recognition day, it is essentially just another day...

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