Friday 1 March 2024


 Skincare for me is my guilty pleasure. I love nothing more than taking my makeup off or doing my morning skincare routine. It is something I have stuck with and sworn by for as long as I can remember and I love adding and trying out new stuff that I can then implement into my regime.

I will be 38 next month and want to keep my skin feeling the best it possibly can so as always, i have been doing a little research and have added a few extra steps into my skincare including red lite therapy.

Red light therapy for me, was always associated with spa facial treatments, expensive at that and honestly, not in my budget, but now you can invest in your own to use at home and I am so here for it.

I did a lot of research before Christmas on red light therapy and there are so many benefits!.These are just a few but if you do your research the list is endless.

  • Soothes inflammation
  • Helps with pigmentation
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces the effects of sun damage
  • Helps your skin to continue to produce collagen

It uses two wavelengths of light, 633nm (red) and 830nm (near infra-red), which have been proven to stimulate collagen and elastin production and improve blood flow and tissue oxygenation.

The faceLITE LED face mask has been amazing for me, so easy to use and is a 10 minute process. It was on my christmas wish list and has been the thing i have ever asked for.


Everything is inside the box for you and it is really straightforward. Charge it first before using. Apply the face mask to clean, cleansed skin. Turn it on and literally relax for ten minutes.

It is 100% safe around the eyes and use that ten minutes to do whatever you wish. Read a book, scroll tik Tok, put the laundry away as it is hands free and completely portable or just take that time to relax with a well deserved cup of tea.

Recommended to use 3 times a week for 4 weeks, i have been using it twice a week for 4 weeks, mum life!, but i have already noticed a difference to my skin. It also feels and looks super glowy too.

The faceLITE LED face mask retails at £349.99 which is a big skincare investment, but i defintely think it is worth it and once you have purchased it, it is yours, no extra costs :)

They also do a faceLITE Hydrogel mask which is optional but a great little extra to double up the results. The Hydrogel mask is filled with pearl extract, root and leaf extract and hyaluronic  acid to moisturise and keep your skin feeling super healthy.

These retail at £22.50 for 5, i will definitely be tying these and let you know how i get on :)

Id love to know if you have treid red light therapy or the faceLITE LED face mask and what your thoguhts are....


  1. I discovered the wonders of the Facelite LED Face Mask, a marvel that promised rejuvenation with its spectrum of therapeutic lights. Nightly sessions became my sanctuary, the soft glow cradling my skin in a dance of healing and renewal. In just weeks, my reflection beamed back with the fresh vibrance of newfound radiance, a testament to the mask's transformative power.

  2. There is an instagram influencer I follow who uses one faithfully. And now I see it here too. I'm a little curious.

  3. That's great that you finally have one, hope the results are good for you.