Friday 26 April 2024


How are we nearly in May already? The months seem to be rolling into one and half the year has nearly gone by already. It has definitely been a busy year for me so far and I am busier than ever.

I just had my birthday, not quite the big 40 yet, but I have just turned 38 and I am loving it. There is something about your confidence and how you see life as you get older. The whole 'life begins at 4o', I used to always hear people say this when I was younger. It definitely resonates with me more as I am getting closer to it! :)

Work is going so well. I am super busy with all aspects and have a press trip coming up soon with jet2 again which I can not wait for. This time I am heading to Crete, I have never been before and I am so excited. 

If you know me well enough, then anywhere where there is sun and a lot of it is my cup of tea. I keep saying I am going to elope to the Caribbean and spend my work days on the beach sipping cocktails- we can all dream right?.

I have finally passed my driving theory. The week coming up to that was horrendous and hours of revising and being on the theory app was torture, but after failing the first attempt, I rebooked it for 5 days after and passed!.

My practical test is at the end of July and I am so ready to be behind that wheel with the music on and living my best life.

I really feel like I am living my best life - things are really good and my head is feeling good.

I am in my reading girl era and love getting into bed in the evening with a book, really sets me up for a good night's sleep. Does that make me old now...

If I hadn't of binge-watched MAFS then I would be watching that as well of course :)

We are moving in July, I know!, none of us thought this day would come, but we are. It is for 12 months but the main thing is the children will be closer to their school and friends and even if it is just for the year until we find somewhere permanent, it will be Alessia's last year of school and I am so happy we will be close to all her friends so she can have best last year she possible can with them.

I am really looking forward to getting out in the new garden and growing some fruit and veg this year. We haven't grown anything for years. I have asked the girls and tomatoes and strawberries are at the top of the list!. 

We also have a VERY exciting thing planned for next year, I know, how annoying that I am not giving away any spoilers but it is by far going to be the biggest adventure yet - and no, I am not pregnant! :)

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