Monday 29 April 2024


 I well and truly have my reading mojo back. Third book down and now on my fourth of the month!. I really wanted to start the Housemaid sequels yet but this one kept catching my eye on my book shelf so thought this one and then definitely next up is the trending duo.

A car accident.

Three missing girls.

A twenty-year mystery.

A woman on the verge of discovering the truth . . .

In a rural Wilshire town lies the Devil's Corridor--a haunted road which has witnessed eerie happenings, from unexplained deaths to the sounds of a child crying in the night.

In this bucolic stretch of Southwest England famous for its otherworldly sites, nothing is more puzzling than the Olivia Rutherford case. Four girls were driving home. After their car crashed only one--Olivia--was found.

What happened to the girls who disappeared? On the twentieth anniversary of the tragedy, journalist Jenna Halliday has arrived in Wiltshire to cover the case. The locals aren't happy with this outsider determined to dig into the past. Least of all Olivia.

Soon, Jenna starts receiving menacing notes. The locals have made it clear she's not welcome. But someone is going to make her leave one way or another. Jenna's been warned: she must get out of this town before she suffers a dark fate . . . and becomes another mystery attached to this place.

For me, it really did start off amazing!. The beginning was imminent and promising! Four girls in the car from a night out driving through Devil’s Corridor, heading to Stafferbury under turbulent weather conditions and a dodgy character on the road, the driver, Olivia hits the brakes as the car is swerving. She loses control of the steering wheel and BAM! They crash! When she opens her eyes, her friends and the creepy man are missing!.

20 years later a BBC podcaster named Jenna Halliday starts investigating the incident by visiting Devil’s Corridor: the creepy, ominous place where the girls have gone missing.
Dual POVs of Olivia and Jenna keep your interest intact and you want to learn more about the mystery. The supernatural vibes and tense atmosphere, the creepy setting of Devil’s Corridor suck you in but the second half of the book for me was a bit meh.

Too many ' that wouldn't happen' moments for me for the characters and although the ending wasn't the best, I still enjoyed the read and didn't guess the ending.

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