Friday 12 April 2024


 We recently got back from a 5-day holiday in Tenerife. We booked in at the Laguna Park 2 as I had found a really affordable deal and it was our first girl's holiday so wanted to keep it as fun as possible while keeping the cost down as much as I could :)

After looking at the reviews of this place, I will be honest, I was a little worried and thought it was going to be a disaster but you honestly get what you pay for.


On check-in, we were given our key to the room and a piece of paper with times for breakfast, lunch etc. Not much more information was given in regards to where anything was or information on fresh towels and things like that but as the days went on we noticed that towels were changed every other day and this is also when you get fresh bedding.


Our apartment was in Spanish N1. A double room, sofa bed and a single bed. We couldn't work out the sofa bed so Alessia slept on it as a sofa which was fine. No air con, but after the first night the room didn't actually feel as hot as it did when we first got there. 

There is a fan in the main bedroom, which we kept all the doors open and the fan on whilst we were out and that did us fine.

The apartments are a little outdated but adequate for what we needed. Somewhere to sleep after a fun day out. There is a TV, which you do have to get the remote control from the reception for a fee. Bathroom with toilet and shower. The shower only stays hot for one shower, so you do have to wait for the boiler to warm up a little, but we just showered with the lukewarm water as it was quite refreshing :)

Kitchen with fridge, cooker, kettle, breakfast bar and cutlery- we kept our bottles of water in the fridge but didn't use the kitchen for cooking.

We did come back to a cockroach on our first night. They are quite common in Tenerife. We got rid of it and that was that, although I was a little freaked out at first, it didn't bother us at all.


We did bed and breakfast as we planned on eating out whilst on our stay. The breakfast was standard. Full English fry-up options, fresh fruit, cereals, pastries and yoghurts, were absolutely fine for us and we quite enjoyed the breakfast buffet in the morning.

There were water and fruit juices and also coffee and tea available in the mornings.


At the top of the stairs where you head for food is the entertainment board. It shows you everything that is on in the evenings and from what time.

We went to the children's entertainment and disco for twice and also the family entertainment.We really enjoyed it. The mini discos were Nila's favourite, with the children getting sweets after every disco and having fun together.

The family entertainment included karaoke, music and bingo, which we won and got pizzas! and also fun games. 

The staff are so friendly and really interact with the children. They take their time to get to know them and make them laugh and enjoy their holiday - this was something we all said and noticed and was such a lovely touch.


We really enjoyed the pool. It looks dirty but its the paint that has worn away from the sides hence why it looks like . This is where the outdated comes from, it could do with a freshen up but the pool was great fun.

A little cold, but once you are in there you will have a whale of a time. We spent a whole morning in the pools and loved it.

You can get drinks at the pool bar. Cokes were 2 euros and there was ice cream for 3 euros as well as cocktails and coffee.


There is a play park aimed at small toddlers but half of it isn't there anymore. I wasn't able to get a picture but the ones online are not the same as the park. It is one slide and that is it so we didn't go in there.


Check-out is at 12pm which was really good. We were able to leave our luggage in the hotel and go out for the day. 


The supermarket is 10 minutes down the road as well as the local beach, restaurants, shops and Aqualand.

Walking back up to the hotel is all uphill so can get tiring, you can get a taxi from the town but we were fine walking.

For a short and affordable break, Laguna Park 2 was a great option.


  1. That is such a pretty spot for a getaway! I love the decor, and the pool is great!

  2. I love the color and style of that apartment so much! I also actually love the idea of a fan and the door open instead of AC. Makes it feel more tropical!

  3. It actually sounds like a nice place to stay, decent accommodation even if it is a little outdated. If you are going there to enjoy an affordable holiday away with the family it is just what you need.