Friday 24 May 2024


As summer rolls in, it’s time to get creative with your child’s school pack lunches. Nila loves a packed lunch, they can sit in the playground and enjoy it, but most of all let’s not forget the importance of adding a few little treats to make lunchtime even more exciting. 

This summer, make sure to include some must-have treats that are both delicious and fun.

St Michel Choco Muffins: A Classic Favourite

Nothing beats the classic appeal of St Michel Choco Muffins. These chocolatey muffins are individually wrapped, making them easy to pack and convenient for school lunches. They offer a perfect balance of sweetness and texture that kids love. Whether as a lunchtime treat or an after-school snack, St Michel Choco Muffins are sure to hit the spot. They also do waffles, doughnuts and burgers!.

Playin Choc: A Sweet and Educational Treat

Playin Choc is a fantastic addition to any school pack lunch. These organic, dairy-free chocolate treats are not only delicious but also come with a fun, educational toy inside each box. Perfect for kids with dietary restrictions, Playin Choc is free from gluten, nuts, and soy. Plus, the environmentally friendly packaging and educational aspect make it a win-win for both parents and kids. The kids love these and so do their teachers!.

Love Corn: Crunchy and Delicious

For a savoury option, Love Corn is a fantastic choice and my absolute fav! :). These crunchy corn snacks come in various flavours, from sea salt to BBQ, providing a tasty alternative to chips. Love Corn is not only delicious but also healthier, being gluten-free and vegan. They add a delightful crunch to any school-packed lunch. The girls have had some new lunch accessories and they have been an absolute hit!.

The Perfect Pack Lunch Accessories

The Swish water bottle features Autoseal technology to remove the risk of spills and leaks, ensuring your little ones can sip away with confidence at the push of a button on the side of the bottle. They are leak-proof children's water bottles and are amazing!. I haven't found a bottle like this yet and I have been making pack lunches for 15 years! One happy mama!.

If you have been searching for affordable bento boxes that lasts then has the perfect ones for you. Their lunch boxes come with an ice pack and adjustable dividers which are perfect for separating food and your sweet treats, really easy to open and have a carry handle so no extra bags are needed.

They also do a Bento snack box which is perfect for mid-morning snacks at school. Includes a unique silicone stretch cover so you can fit a whole piece of fruit. No need to cut up fruit and no more bruising from bumps in the bag! Easy open clip designed for little hands

What are your must- have sweet treats when it comes to a pack lunch..


  1. I know these ideas are for kids, buuuut I kinda want those Choco Waffles and Love Corn. LOL

  2. Love Corn, specifically the BBQ flavor, is a big must in our household! I am going to try out these chocolate treats.

  3. I love the idea of packing a little bento box and filling it with some yummy looking lunchtime snacks. Everything here looks really yummy and it is great in the summer when they can eat outdoors.

  4. Super like the treats, they're healthy and delicious! The Love Corn is delicious, I've had it before.

  5. These look like delicious treats for school. I know that my niece would devour all of these in a second!

  6. Love Corn sounds like a fun and healthy option too. I can't wait to try out the Swish water bottles and lunch accessories – they seem like game-changers for our lunch packing routine!

  7. I love the idea of packing a bento box filled with delicious lunchtime snacks. Everything looks so tasty, and it's perfect for summer when they can enjoy their meals outdoors.

  8. Fantastic lunch ideas for kids. My kneece will love a good chocolate treat. Thanks for these ideas!

  9. These are all great suggestions. I think my kids would probably like to try the choco muffins. They'd make a great treat.

  10. These all sound like the perfect snacks the kids will love! Love your recs!

  11. Great ideas, Kira! These summer treats are perfect for keeping the kids happy and energized. I’m excited to add these to our school packs. Thanks for the helpful tips!