Monday 10 June 2024


 As soon as Nila saw the first trailer for the new Garfield movie she was eager to go and see it, so this weekend, a cinema trip was in order. I hadn't actually left the house all week, cabin fever had definitely hit and a full day out was needed. As budget-friendly as possible.

Thankfully I still have a few free cinema tickets from Lloyds to us up. If you have a club reward account with Lloyds or haven't then look into it as you can choose a reward every year, a few to choose from including 6 free cinema tickets to the VUE or the Odeon. 

Cinema tickets already paid for, we raided the treat cupboard for snacks and then treated ourselves to a drink - they have a Costa next door so I had a well-deserved cinnamon bun iced latte and Nila chose a strawberries and cream frappe.

Really trying to do a low spend few months as we have lots of things coming up and losing quite a big client, all the pennies I can save, the better, but this coffee was SO GOOD. I hadn't had a takeout coffee in nearly a month, and if you know me, then you know this is rare! :)

We went to the cinema the headed into town with strict instructions - Nila could pick a little toy and I was going to have a nosey in the bookshop. I have just finished The Woman Who Lied By Claire Douglas and was on the lookout for my next read.

Nila loves her cuddly toys and picked a Garfield teddy of course. We didn't get to the book shop as i got distracted by Lush.

If you are new here then I am a confessed lush addict, I love them. I love the branding, the products, and the staff, it is a shop I always gravitate towards and they had their new CBD range out in the window and I had to have a look.

Safe to say, I bought the whole range,  I know what you are thinking, I am trying to save, yes, but this is an investment, right? I write about the products so it is technically a work purchase :)

I also got talking to the ladies in there as one is sadly leaving. I believe in things happening for a reason and signs being everywhere for you to read and I think this was one.

I feel like I am slowly losing myself. I go through stages where I get stuck in a rut and I think I am going through quite a big one right now.

I dont have family around me, no friends and working from home can be extremely lonely. So much so, that I feel like I am sinking into myself and need to find a way out. I think working somewhere would not only give me some extra income but my mental health would benefit from it massively. 

It has really got me thinking about ways I can help myself and rather than losing myself, finding myself again.


  1. After a week stuck indoors, my daughter and I decided on a cinema day out, and your tip about using up free tickets from Lloyds was a game-changer.

  2. I had no idea the Garfield movie is out! omg. I love Garfield....I am seeing the movie for sure, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.

  3. I love that you changed your perspective! It definitely is so important to know how you can help yourself!

  4. Garfield was one of my fav when I was younger . I am smiling imagining his expressions . Thanks for sharing your experience!

  5. We saw Garfield too - it was pretty good. I cannot imagine not having coffee for so long!

  6. We are pretty excited about watching the Garfield movie too soon! Also need to watch Inside Out 2!

  7. Oh wow I never knew that you can get free cinema tickets with lloyds, thats really good to know. Also this film sounds great fit kids - its going on the list to take my youngest too as I think he would really enjoy it

    Laura x