Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Dr Browns Bottles | Review

Having a newborn baby is the most magical feeling in the world, the newborn cuddles, the wind giggles and the holding onto your finger will melt your heart, but it is also very hard work. The sleepless nights, night feeds, poo explosions and crying for no reason are challenging, add colic onto that list and it will all seem like one hell of a nightmare.

We use the Dr Brown Bottles for Nila and they have been a god send. She was struggling with terrible colic and trapped wind and we had tried everything! Infacol, Dentinox,Gaviscon and cooled boiled water,nothing worked,some actually made it worse!

We decided to give the Dr Browns Bottles a try. They are specially patented with a two-piece internal vent system that helps reduce colic, spit-up,burping and gas by eliminating negative pressure and air bubbles.

We have been using them now for the past 3 weeks and we have not looked back. We have no colic at all, completely gone and winding seems to be a lot easier, with help to these bottles.

They come apart very easy, with the added vent they are still very easy to clean and they come with an extra cleaner to fit in them tiny places. They also fit into the sterilise perfectly, without having to miss any parts out.

If your little one is struggling with colic or trapped wind and you just cant seem to shift it then i would highly recommend giving these bottles a try, they worked for us and they might work for you too!

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*We were sent these bottles in exchange for an honest review*



  1. I always hear such good things about these - I think I will get them for the next one :) x

  2. We used these due to my daughter having severe reflux and they really made such a difference, I recommend them to everyone!

  3. Once I was ready to move on from breastfeeding we used Dr Brown bottles and they are brilliant! I recommend them to all my friends and everyone that has used them agrees x

  4. We have just been sent these bottles and can't wait to try them out to see if it makes a difference for Isabelle. Lovely review, Nila is gorgeous! xxx

  5. I have heard good feedback regarding Dr. Brown bottles. It's really perfect for those struggling with colic or trapped wind.

  6. We used the same bottles with my foster sister as she had terrible problems with colic and it helped her too! So pleased to hear it worked with you too!

  7. My kids had bad colic when they were bottles. I wish I tried Dr. Brown Bottles. Great review.

  8. Honestly, Dr Brown's bottles are the best out their on the market. We had these for my little girl when she was a baby.

  9. I am so glad you have found somthing which is helping your little one. Nila is so beautiful!

  10. We used Dr. Browns bottles when ours were babies and they helped so much with colic!


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