With it being mental health awareness week, I wanted to share my journey with my mental health and honestly, to let people know that it is ok not be ok , and to say that.

I have struggled for years with my mental health . It started in my early teens and hasn’t left me . Of course I have coping mechanisms now I am older and I feel like I know when enough is enough and I need to give myself a break before my mental health gets affected.

The problem with mental health issues is that a lot of us feel like it’s not really a thing, you can’t see a problem thereforE there isn’t one. If only it was that simple right?. That shouldn’t be the case, an illness is an illness, whether you can see it or not , it shouldn’t be treated differently.

Alongside mental health problems I also have anxiety, which is such a dark shadow to live with. Sometimes I don’t even know why I am anxious, and sometimes my chest caves in from the attacks and I feel as if my heart is going to explode. When I have an anxiety episode I have to talk, to anyone. I have be known to ring my mum to talk about anything and it will eventually pass.

I have been on medication and seen councillors and been to groups.In my case , unfortunately none of them strategies worked for me , and I came to the decision a long time ago that medication wasn’t the answer. 

Coping with your mental health problems alone can be difficult sometimes , but once you find some coping techniques that work for you, for the most part ;) , then I really do feel like you will have some control over it , and that feeling is incredible.

Its good to talk - sometimes getting your worries and anxious thoughts off your chest can do you the world of good. I know talking to your loved ones can be difficult but professionals are always on hand. Find a therapist with ThriveTalk. Don't suffer in silence, its good to talk.

Take time out - this can be a very hard one sometimes, especially if you are a parent . I know in my case , having three daughters ,including a 10 Month Old , time out can be non existent! . It doesn’t have to be a night out with friends, I’m talking the little time outs that really do you the world of good. A soak in the bath with a book for half an hour. A hot cup of tea with the latest hollyoaks episode once the kids are in bed . Paint your nails . A simple half hour time out for yourself is invaluable and I really believe that.

  Daily Tasks-  this I mean as a whole dynamic .Whether you have a family or not . Little daily tasks are so important to me.I set little goals every day , so if I am having a bad day or not feeling like facing the world then it doesn’t fall on that big laundry day or a Friday when I am suppose to hoover through the whole house. If i am cooking a spaghetti one night then I will batch cook and make a chilli for the next day. I can not tell you how many times I have done this and the next day I have felt like utter crap and remembering I had prepeared something for dinner already has been a godsend , and has actually lifted my mood slightly just knowing I hadn’t had to cook all evening.

Fresh air- honestly , getting out is so good for your mental health and your wellbeing as a whole . We try and go for a walk every Saturday , and I have recently received a new carrier for baby Nila to try so I am really looking forward to trying her out in that! Even a 20 minute walk to the local corner shop , an afternoon at the park after school or if you are not up to that, put the kettle on and sit in the garden . This is actually one of my favourites for when I am feeling rubbish.

Music - I would be lost without music . I think everyone I know says the same . Music can make you feel amazing and also terrible , depending what your listening to ! :) make a feel good playlist on your phone and when your feeling that dreaded shadow erupting , stick your playlist on and sing your heart out .

They are some of the few things I use to help when my mental health feels like it’s not at its best. You are going to have down days, we all do , accepting them and pulling through them , hopefully with some of my tips, will help you to feel a little better :) 

If you suffer with low mental health too then I would love for you to share some of your coping mechanisms and we can all help each other 


  1. Great post this. I agree that music can really help with your mental health. It's such a mood lifter!!

  2. I find fresh air and exercise is the best thing for me - nothing beats a bracing walk along the sea

  3. Getting out and about makes such a difference for my mental health. and I would be lost with our music!

  4. I am sorry you have suffered from mental health issues but it is good that you have found strategies which work for you. I think for me I know that Wednesdays for me are for some reason really hard so I don't set myself lots of tasks to do.

  5. Going for walks everyday helps. There is something in the air that clears the mind.

  6. Good for you sharing your story, mental health and anxiety isn't something that is easier to talk about. As a trainee clinical psychologist I am passionate about people speaking up, sharing their stories an supporting people with mental health needs.

  7. Great post - good for you for sharing. I find that going for a walk really helps me - when I get anxious or low it really helps

  8. I have started completing daily tasks and you are right, it is a lifesaver! I don't get so overwhelmed by things as I used to anymore.


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