Friday 11 May 2018


If you have followed me for a while you would remember how long my hair was . I loved my long hair and even though it was a pain to wash and dry it , it was almost like a comfy blanket to hide behind if I needed to.Once I fell pregnant with Nila , my hair was in its element!. It became even more thicker and glossy- typical pregnancy hair, and I loved it!. Fast forward 9 months later, I had a gorgeous baby girl and serious hair loss.

My postpartum hair loss didn’t start right away, which I thought was quite strange . I first noticed it when I was in the bath trying to wash my hair and as I was rinsing off the shampoo,my hair was falling out in clumps in my hand, literally.

I ended up covered in hair when I was in the shower and it took ages to get it all off me!. Honestly it was becoming a nightmare and was really getting me down. I decided to go for the big chop to try and manage the hair loss and in the hope it would start to grow back healthy instead of fall out.

I went for a bob , which was a big deal. My hair was just under my bum .i loved it at first but then as the weeks went by I really regretted the chop and wished I hadn’t of done it . After a few months I noticed that it had stopped falling out and I had baby hair , I’m talking sticking up peacock style baby hair that just wouldn’t flatten down , I was slightly frustrated with it but ever so pleased it was starting to grow back.

Not having to unplug the sink and find something that looked like it had crawled out from the jungle was an absolutely bonus! And Scott not having to fish out a piece of hair from his mashed potato, yes, I know what you are thinking? That’s disgusting! But I’m telling you that was the reality in our household!

That’s the thing with postpartum hair loss isn’t it, it affects us all in different ways . The dreaded hormones determine your hair loss fate. Doctors say that most women should notice their normal hair growth pattern returning between 6 and 12 Months after birth, but some mother’s have more of a dramatic hair loss and the hair folicoles struggle to regrow back at all.

I couldn’t imagine my hair not growing back at all, but I do know there is help out there if you are one of the unlucky mamas. You could research Hair transplant procedures  as I know this is so popular now and is a topic that is openly talked about having so many celebrities gone through the procedure.

I can not wait until my hair grows back to the length it was. I miss my comfy blanket and I am definitely not having the big chop ever again :)

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