Wednesday 9 May 2018


Now the weather is getting warmer and we have had some lovely hot days,I shall cross my fingers and hope it stays this way! :) , I try and cook a little less heavy. The last thing I want to do in the heat is slave away over the cooker sweating my socks off, and to be honest , the girls enjoy a lighter meal at tea time when the suns out .

I made my bacon and courgette pasta last week for the first time in years!. I don’t actually know why I haven’t made it sooner and it is absolutely delicious and syn free if you are on slimming world .


A pack of bacon cut up into pieces - fat removed if you are on slimming world
3x courgettes dives into small cubes
A tub of quark - which is soft cheese but This kind is syn free so I use this to make the whole dish on plan
Garlic and one red onion
Salt and pepper to taste
Pasta 200g


Fry your pan and add the courgettes . I find these take a while to soften up so I let them do their magic for about 15 minutes while I cut up the bacon and the onion.

Stick your pasta on now as I find I’m usually waiting around for the pasta

Whilst the courgettes are  softening and your pastas on the go ,  cut the bacon into little pieces, the size of pancetta is about right, I use scissors as it’s so much quicker .Chop your  onion up and then I add these in with the courgettes along with the garlic. I use frozen garlic - lazy but amazing :) . I would say a few cloves , but it all depends whether your a garlic lover . I love the stuff!.

Once that’s all in the pan, let it all cook together and get the bacon juices mixed in, this is what makes the courgettes taste delicious!. Leave it for 20 minutes on low until your pasta is ready .

Turn off the heat and mix in the tub of quark in with your pasta and courgette mix . It should melt from the heat of the pasta and turn into a bowl of creamyness.

Serve up . You can add a side salad or garlic bread . We had ours on it’s own and it was scrumptious. If you do end up making thesenid love to hear what you think :)

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