We had been trying to plan a day in Blackpool for the whole half term and the weather has not been on our side Unfortunately . When I checked the weekends forecast it was promising so we decided to take a day trip to Blackpool on Saturday. I work on Sundays so Saturday was our last chance before back to school .

We were going all out , so we didn’t pack a picnic as we were going to indulge in a day of sweets and goodies and eat dinner out , the girls were super excited. It takes about 2 hours or just under to get to Blackpool , so not to far , and the girls end up falling asleep anyway, I think all kiddies fall asleep in the car :)

We got there and it was a little chilly but no rain, so that was fine by us. We bought our Merlin passes with us , so started with the sea life centre first. Nila is obsessed with fish and anything sea life so we knew she would love it , as she did when we went to the Great Yarmouth sea life centre in April . Plus I knew she would fall asleep after that, and she did :)

It was a little different to the Yarmouth one , they had a really cool turtle station, where you name your turtle and get to weigh it and feed it and give it some water to hydrate it . Alessia absolutely loved it and wanted to take one home and Nila enjoyed trying to eat it!

We stopped off at The pound bakery for a quick lunch break . We had cheese and onion pasties and carrot cake , my favourite!!! .

We walked down to Madame Tussaud’s next, which none of us have ever been to . It was brilliant . They have so much there . Our favourite had to be the marvel area. The hulk looked incredible , pun intended :) . Nila loved sooty and Alessia loved sitting on the ET bike. I can’t believe we haven’t actually watched ET with Alessia yet, so we have made a plan to watch it on movie night this weekend.

Kadiann loved meeting Paddy McGuiness as we are big fans of take me out .She also got to attempt a bush tucker trial :). She was also impressed with Arianna grande but was a little gutted not to see Zoella.

We went to captains sparrows for dinner , which was delicious! . We were stuffed afterwards and headed back to the car. We had a lovely day and the girls were absolutely knackered when we got in.Quick showers and straight to bed for us all it was . :)


  1. This looks like such a fun trip! I want to go for a day trip to Blackpool! I think madame tussuads looks like a lot of fun, I went to the London one years ago and loved it! Great, happy pics!

  2. Aww it looks like you had such a lovely time! I've always wanted to visit Blackpool, hopefully we'll make it there sooner rather than later :)

  3. Sounds like a brilliant day. We've only visited the Sea Life in London and my son loved it, so I'm sure he'd enjoy the Blackpool one too. And the ET looks awesome. We've only managed half the film with our son so far before he got bored!

  4. I have always wanted to visit Blackpool. I can see you all had a great time. Lovely photos.

  5. We did blackpool a couple of years ago and loved it. I wanted to do the pleasure beach but we ran out of time

  6. The photos look fab! I’ve never been to Blackpool but it looks fab for the kids

  7. It looks like such a fun day out, I've never been but my brother and his family were up there a few weeks ago and had an amazing time

  8. What a great day out. I love Blackpool x


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