I have always been confident when it comes to Nila’s development and walking was one of them milestones that everyone was so concerned about for us.

Is she not walking yet?, is what I got asked on more or less a daily basis . It got extremely frustrating as I ended up giving quite defensive answers after a while . No she isn’t , why should she be? . The answer to my own question was no.

She will walk when she is ready , and that is what she did :). Nila has never done things by the book- the good old parenting book that has every kids eating and crawling and walking at the same age!. She never traditionally crawled , she bum shuffled and boy did she do that well!.

She loves shuffling on her bum and actually prefers it to walking , which is quite funny as she thinks about what she wants for a second and then she’s on her bum shuffling like Speedy Gonzales, she even leaves the floor! :)

16 months comes around and she starts them little baby steps , and it was so lovely to watch. She would walk along the sofa and then brace herself to let go of the end of it and try a few steps .

 She also really took to her baby walker at this point, which she hadn’t bothered with at all, now she looks like she’s on supermarket sweep and rams the bloody thing into your legs and laughs! She is such a little funny thing .

17 months came round the corner and so did a lot of things at once . Walking , climbing on the sofa! , she’s even running now which is the funniest thing to watch. She’s taken her time with her development and do you know what? That is absolutely fine. Where is the rush?

If i had any concerns as a parent what so ever then I would of course have a word with the health visitor or drop in for a chat at one of the drop in clinics , which goes without saying .

Nila is our last baby and if she enjoys being the baby for a little longer then that is absolutely fine with me :)


  1. I understand your frustration, my Daughter was walking at 11 months, but my granddaughter is 13 months old now and has taken a few steps on her own and will walk holding onto something but crawling is much faster. My Daughter in law gets so frustrated with comments, I just tell her she will do it in her own time which she will x

  2. My son walked at 14 months so not much before, it always amazes me when people want their children to walk early. Everything is so much harder when they can walk! He is now 9, I have no idea where the time has gone. But why do people insist that babies should grow even quicker? xx


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