I can’t even put into words how I have felt today. Today has been Kay’s school prom . The final finale of her school life ends today and it saddens me a little.

She really hasn’t had a love for school over the last few years and she will definitely tell you she is so glad it’s all over , but it’s sad seeing your first born so grown up and ready to flea out into the big world, but also super excited for her :)

She looked absolutely stunning today and yes I did cry! I’m only human :) . She’s had her hair and make up done , a spray tan, lashes done - the full works and she has loved it.

I wanted to share some photos of her night and for memories for us to look back on :) Xx


  1. Awww she looks beautiful, a huge moment for you both.

    I hope she has the best summer x

  2. It is scary how quickly it goes by. My eldest had his prom 2 years ago! Hope she enjoys the long summer

  3. Oh look at her she looks stunning you must be so proud!

  4. It's great being that age! I remember finishing and then having nothing else to look forward to until the results came out later in the year! I'm sure she had a fantastic night!

  5. What a beautiful young lady, she looks simply stunning in her dress. Hope she had an amazing time


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